Lawnmower Man Prices

You the consumer, may think that the prices for our Lawnmower Man videos are too high.

For example: If you take a family of 3 out to eat to a nice restaurant it is at least $50.00 to $100.00. And it only last less 24 hours. If you take a family of 3 or 4 to the movies these days it will be close to $50.00 and only last from an hour to an hour and a half. With 30 years of working and learning the tricks of the trade and new ways to work on lawn mowers and small engines the knowledge you will learn from our Lawnmower Man videos will last you a life time. Even professionals from lawn mower repair shops have learned new things from our Lawnmower Man videos. Some lawn mower shops that have purchased the Lawnmower Man Videos have called in to say they learned new things they didn’t know at all.

Lawnmower Man has priced our videos so everyone can afford it!

Here are the two of the largest internet lawn mower and small engine repair schools.

Check out there prices:

Penn Foster Career School      Price: $834.00  reading only course.

Foley Belsaw Institute              Price: $805.00  reading only course.

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When taking these expensive book courses from these schools you will notice these book courses offer a diploma. These diplomas do not make you a certified mechanic or dealer for the major dealers such as * Briggs & Stratton * Honda’* Kawasaki’ * Kohler * Lawn-Boy * Onan * Tecumseh * Wisconsin/Robin or any other major small engine company .If you want to be a certified mechanic or dealer for major dealers mentioned above you still have to go to their school to become a certified dealer or mechanic for them. This will cost you thousands of dollars!

You will find the people or customers today don’t (care) if you have a diploma from one of these companies or not. All they want to know is can you fix my lawn mower or equipment!!

Lawnmower Man’s Video’s are the best price for learning lawn mower and small engine repair.

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